List of PhD Topics

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List of PhD topics - Call #02

CD22-01 For a more sustainable mobility: understanding disability situations to better solve them

PhD Supervisor: ARMOOGUM Jimmy


CD22-02 Spinal Cord Modeling: towards predicting the injury and the recovery

PhD Supervisor: BAILLY Nicolas


CD22-03 Autonomous sensors based on the dielectric breakdown of air using triboelectric generators for structure health monitoring

PhD Supervisor: BASSET Philippe


CD22-04 Towards a dynamic vehicle routing problem in cyber-physical systems

PhD Supervisor: BELMOKHTAR - BERRAF Sana


CD22-05 Combining rail and autonomous vehicles in cities for first/last mile delivery

PhD Supervisor: BELMOKHTAR - BERRAF Sana  


CD22-06 Development of realistic interference models for current and future radio technologies in Road and Rail domains

PhD Supervisor: BERBINEAU Marion  


CD22-07 Functionalized Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (TMD) Nanosheets Based sensors for the detection of NOx and CO

PhD Supervisor: BOUANIS Fatima


CD22-08 Urban road safety: towards a simulation tool for assessing electric micromobility risks.

PhD Supervisor: BOUBEZOUL Abderrahmane


CD22-09 Indoor positioning and cybersecurity

PhD Supervisor: BOUKOUR Fouzia


CD22-10 Radiative properties of infrared meta-surfaces. Applications to radiative cooling, Dew Water Harvesting and chemical analysis

PhD Supervisor: BOUROUINA Tarik


CD22-11 Multi-scale urban road traffic noise assessment methods

PhD Supervisor: CAN Arnaud


CD22-12 Innovative pavement biobinder development and ageing resistance

PhD Supervisor: CANTOT Justine


CD22-13 Adaptation of urban riveted steel structures - Development of an assessment and strengthening methodology

PhD Supervisor: CHATAIGNER Sylvain


CD22-14 Cumulative effects of suffusion erosion and cyclic loading on soils: application to the destabilisation of bridge piers by scour

PhD Supervisor: CHEVALIER Christophe


CD22-15 Cognitive district: Micromobility fleet planning and management, and its integration to public transport mobility based on data

PhD Supervisor: CHU Chengbin


CD22-16 Innovative bio-based construction materials with improved moisture buffering and heat transfer properties

PhD Supervisor: COUSSOT Philippe


CD22-17 In the nature of the logistics city: A French-German comparison of professional gardening in logistics parks

PhD Supervisor: CUNY Cécile


CD22-18 Behavior of frozen soils from micro to macro : experiments and numerical modeling

PhD Supervisor: DANGLA Patrick


CD22-19 Development of low carbon cement

PhD Supervisor: DENEELE Dimitri


CD22-20 Increase in service life by finishing welded joints: application to metal structures in service

PhD Supervisor: DIENG Lamine


CD22-21 New Vision Methods for Risk Assesment by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

PhD Supervisor: DOKLADOVA Eva


CD22-22 Machine vision for construction sites

PhD Supervisor: DOKLADOVA Eva


CD22-23 Conditions for the reuse of decommissioned wind turbine blade as infrastructure elements made of smart composites

PhD Supervisor: DRISSI-HABTI Monssef


CD22-24 Efficiency of bio-sourced enzymatic solution to improve the raw earth material performance and durability 

PhD Supervisor: DUC Myriam


CD22-25 Investigation of Ventricular septal defect– the impact of traffic road accidents on specific patient

PhD Supervisor: EVIN Morgane


CD22-26 Spinal Cord Injury patient model – Damaged tissue and modelling

PhD Supervisor: EVIN Morgane


CD22-27 Passive Modelocking of external cavity MIR Quantum Cascade Laser integrating graphene

PhD Supervisor: FACI Salim


CD22-28 Analytic Traffic modeling and control on a mass transit network including passenger flows

PhD Supervisor: FAHRI Nadir


CD22-29 The driving assistance technology in the city of tomorrow from a safety and comfort perspective

PhD Supervisor: FORT Alexandra


CD22-30 Thermal fatigue of eRoads. Development of a fatigue test and transient FEM thermo-mechanical simulations

PhD Supervisor: GABET Thomas


CD22-31 Anthropogenic fibers, Microplastic and Tire Wear Particles in stormwater: comparison of the contamination levels and impact of stormwater management practices between France and Canada

PhD SupervisorGASPERI Johnny


CD22-32 Characterization of thermal and energy exchanges at interfaces of diamond-based materials

PhD SupervisorHAMAOUI Georges


CD22-33 Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of Urban Pavements

PhD SupervisorHORNYCH Pierre


CD22-34 Decarbonising cities in the climate change context: application to the tertiary building

PhD SupervisorHUCHET Florian


CD22-35 New assessment methodology of urban redevelopment design for better interconnection of cycle and pedestrian networks along the dock sides of a waterway

PhD SupervisorIMINE Hocine


CD22-36 The future of affordable housing in West Africa: disruptive innovations in housing finance and digitalization

PhD SupervisorJAGLIN Sylvy


CD22-37 Offshore wind turbine monopile foundation: experimental and numerical study of soil-structure interaction

PhD SupervisorKERNER Laura


CD22-38 Study and treatment of the environmental perturbations impact on distributed fiber optic sensors using AI solutions

PhD SupervisorKHADOUR Aghiad


CD22-39 Levees protection against breaching during overtopping. Use of soil mixing as a reinforcement. Case studies in France and Japan

PhD SupervisorLE KOUBY Alain


CD22-40 Implementing the urban density of the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) metropolis ; the cases of major transit projects in Paris

PhD SupervisorL’HOSTIS Alain


CD22-41 Theoretical studies of smart materials for innovative road markings for the autonomous vehicle and roadway depollution

PhD SupervisorLINGUERRI Roberto


CD22-42 Durability of earthworks in the face of climate changes: multi-scale characterization of soil treated with innovative products with low environmental impact

PhD SupervisorMAKKI Lamis


CD22-43 GNSS noise prediction based on deep networks with the supervision of 3D city models

PhD SupervisorMARAIS Juliette


CD22-44 Formal verification of neural ODE for safety evaluation in autonomous vehicles

PhD SupervisorMEYER Pierre-Jean


CD22-45 Modeling elastic wave propagation in wire ropes in view of health monitoring

PhD SupervisorMORA Pierric


CD22-46 Comparative analysis of synthetic travel demand modeling approaches

PhD SupervisorOUKHELLOU Latifa


CD22-47 Developing an end-to-end framework for impact-based urban flash flood forecasts in France and India

PhD SupervisorPAYRASTRE Olivier


CD22-48 Multi-physical and chemical couplings in support of predicting sensitivity of concrete internal expansive reactions to environmental conditions – from lab tests to in-field structures damage 

PhD SupervisorPONS Tony


CD22-49 Effect of an intensive exercise-based training program on neuroplasticity and mobility in individuals with Parkinson's Disease

PhD SupervisorRANCHET Maud


CD22-50 CO2 storage in soil treated with low carbon footprint alternative binders



CD22-51 Air quality evolution at the local scale, in the absence of a calibration reference point



CD22-52 High Density GRAphene Neuronal Implant based on Laser Induced Graphene (HD-Grani)

PhD SupervisorROUSSEAU Lionel


CD22-53 Volumetric climate-controlled urbanism: issues, instruments and international circulations of a new modality of urban production

PhD SupervisorRUTHERFORD Jonathan


CD22-54 A Long Term Perspective of Major Sporting Venues

PhD SupervisorSCHUT Pierre-Olaf


CD22-55 In-situ recycling of multiphase post-consumer plastic waste in isolated areas

PhD SupervisorVAN SCHOORS Laetitia


CD22-56 Optimization and stochastic approaches based on electrical resistivity data sets for monitoring reinforced concrete structures

PhD SupervisorVILLAIN Géraldine


CD22-57 Design and control co-optimising of a smart grid combining renewable energy and electromobility, including battery ageing

PhD SupervisorVINOT Emmanuel


CD22-58 Multiscale approach from experimental characterization of ZnO depolluting panels to computer-aided urban planning to reduce air

PhD SupervisorWAEYTENS Julien


CD22-59 Developing musculoskeletal human models for understanding seating discomfort

PhD SupervisorWANG Xuguang


CD22-60 Modelling and Optimization of Shared E-micromobility Systems: Toward Sustainable Multimodal Transportation Networks

PhD SupervisorZARGAYOUNA Mahdi


CD22-61 Towards a Reliable and Resilient Positioning System for Soft Mobility with a Green AI Approach

PhD SupervisorZHU Ni


CD22-62 AI-based Energy-efficient Localisation on Embedded Devices with Multi-sensor Fusion

PhD SupervisorZHU Ni


CD22-63 A machine learning based rolling resistance prediction model for electric vehicles

PhD SupervisorCEREZO Véronique


CD22-64 Electric vehicles charging integration through MicroGrids

PhD SupervisorDAMM Gilney