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Online briefing for the CLEAR-Doc's Experts Evaluators

From 25 to 27 April 2022

CLEAR-Doc's experts evaluators are reunited on the 25th and 26th April for an online briefing. This mandatory online briefing will be used to:

  • Present CLEAR-Doc's project and its objectives
  • Present and explain the evaluation criteria of step 1
  • Raise awarness on the risks of gender and racial discrimination during the evaluation
  • Discover the non-discrimination mesures undertake by the Management team during the evaluation 

The Experts-Evaluators will be invited to a 2nd online briefing in order to receive new guidelines for step 2 (the auditions).

Experts-Evaluators, what do they do ?

CLEAR-Doc's experts evaluators are in charge of:

  • Evaluating the applications which has been declared eligible (step 1 - Applicant's files selection)
  • Evaluating the candidates whom passed the step 1, through an online audition (step 2 - Auditions)
  • Participates to a consensus meeting to pre-approve the ranking scenario of the applications based on Stage 1 and Stage 2 scores of the applicants while taking into consideration the rating differences between the 5 panels.

Experts-Evalutors, who are they ?

The Experts-Evalutors of CLEAR-Doc applied to a call for experts. They come from different backgrounds (academic and non-academic) knowing the local context and targeted job market.

They are divided in 5 evaluation panels according to their expertise:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)
  • Environmental Sciences (ES)
  • Mathematics, Computer Sciences & Communication Technologies (MCSCT)
  • Engineering (ENG)
  • Sciences and Technologie (ST)

Need some more information regarding the Experts-Evaluators ? Take a look at the "Guide for Expert".