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CLEAR-Doc's final selection call #1 : 14 applicants selected !

CLEAR-Doc's auditions were held from the 13th to the 17th June 2022.

51 auditions were conducted by the experts evaluators alongside with a member of the CLEAR-Doc management team and a member of the Ethics & Quality Board.

CLEAR-Doc management team is very glad to announce that 14 applicants were selected !

Panel ENGPanel ESPanel MCSCTPanel SSHPanel ST
Selected applicants44213

CLEAR-Doc's PhD students will conduct their researches on the following PhD topics :

  • Analysis of the mechanisms relating to tire / road wear in relation to the emissions of fine particles
  • Multi-functional urban pavement  to reduce climate change and contribute to a circular economy
  • Optimised vegetal wools for indoor comfort: coupling fire treatment with acoustic and hygrothermal performances
  • Semi-probabilistic assessment of existing urban structures to climate change
  • Refreshing urban transit environments in the Euro-Mediterranean region: thermographic modelling and low-tech renovation of hubs
  • Food Water Soil: Enhancing urban resilience capacity by multifunctional urban edible areas - Focus on the nexus Food Water Soil
  • Recycled materials for urban gardens
  • Study of the impact of biomass on sewage cementitiouos materials by micro- Raman analysis
  • Consideration of the characteristics of the infrastructure for the development of a driver assistance system for bicycles
  • Surveillance of pavement structural health using RFID traffic/load sensor data
  • Prospective mobility to horizon 2060
  • Si-based architectures for High data rate A-RoF applications
  • Development of a tool for predicting the risk of shoulder injuries for wheelchair users during propulsion while moving in cities
  • Optimisation of particle transport in polydisperse dense granular flows  : towards sustainable processes