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Second day of the kick-off meeting for cohort #02

Le 6 décembre 2023

The second day opened with a presentation of the 3 years ahead of the ESRs by the CLEAR-Doc project manager, Virginie Etienne. Santiago Caro Alba, representing the first cohort (2022), gave a retrospective on his first year as a CLEAR-Doc fellow and some valuable advice for the newcomers.
ESRs then took part in a demanding exercise that we called "Your thesis in 60 seconds". The aim was to present the thesis of another ESR in one minute. Throughout their research careers, they will be required to present their work or that of a colleague in varying amounts of time: it starts today!
In the afternoon, ESRs and supervisors met for a workshop on the Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP). It is  a personal action plan that they can use to create a roadmap for your career. The typical career development plan example outlines:

  • The starting point: Where you are now in your career
  • The destination: Where you want to go in your career
  • The gap: The obstacles you must overcome to reach the destination
  • The route: How to close the gap to reach your intended destination

ESRs and their supervisors have now returned to their campuses and will meet up again at future CLEAR-Doc events!