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Training on transdisciplinary research by Prof. Dr. Babette Brinkmann

Du 23 mai au 19 octobre 2023

Training for CLEAR-Doc doctoral students - cohort #1

This training about "transdisciplinary research" is given by By Prof. Dr. Babette Brinkmann to the CLEAR-Doc doctoral students from cohort #1.

Objectives :

  • Having an understanding of the terms "transdisciplinary" and "interdisciplinary" research,
  • Knowing methods that strengthen inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation,
  • Seeking and discussing interdisciplinary perspectives on one's research,
  • Developing perspectives on how interdisciplinarity can be integrated into one's doctoral studies,
  • Bringing one's expertise to the discussion of research from an outside field and developing a sense of how I myself can contribute in an interdisciplinary way.

The training is composed of 3 steps :

  1. A zoom meeting on May 23 2023
  2. A 2 days training at Univ Eiffel, Champs sur Marne campus on June 26-27 2023
  3. A follow up zoom meeting on October 19 2023